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Why Generations?

Just as life in high school revolves around four grades from freshman to senior year, we have clustered our alumni into groups of four that we have entitled BCA Generations.  Those generations shared in similar experiences and so reflecting on their histories by generations allows the reader to focus in on the times in that past that are more meaningful.  Of course by offering a multigenerational view of BCA, any reader can learn what happened before or after their time.
Generation 1:
Generation 2:
Generation 3:
Generation 4:
Generation 5:
Generation 6:
Why me?

In about November 2010, Dr. David Ostfeld suggested to our new principal Russell Davis, that I would be a good candidate to head up a new effort at reconnecting with all of our graduates. His reasoning was founded on the fact that I had run the BCA yearbook effort from 1992-2005 and that I was so active with staying in contact with alumni via Facebook.  We now have a
BCA Alumni FB page.

Vassar Graduation 2008: All the Nelsons and Brins from BCA:
Adin Nelson (AEDT 2004), Lev Nelson (AAST 2000), Dr. DeWitt,
Lindsay Brin (AEDT 2001) and Sasha Brin (AEDT 2004)

  Once contacted by Principal Davis, I quickly drafted:

Dr. Ostfeld because he knew of everyone who had ever been accepted to BCA and was so proud of all of grads,

Eric Zhang who is a grad of AAST 2002 as well as our youngest Biology dept faculty member,

Heather Lawler who manages our Senior Experience program and who has remained in contact with alumni via Facebook as well, and

Mark Tronike who has been working with our administration for several years on organizing a district alumni database.
Recently, my former yearbook colleague Suzanne Price-Halligan has joined me as Associate Editor. It sure is nice to be working with her again!
Once all of these friends agreed, I was much more comfortable with this daunting task.  Sadly, in December of 2010, we lost our beloved Dr. O. and along with him, a virtual library of history for BCA.  Nevertheless, we continued on and hosted the 15th Anniversary Reunion for the Class of 1996 in May 2011.   And so, as one of the few remaining old timers, I am honored to lead our effort to reconnect with our generations of past students. But I need everyone's help.
What is the purpose of this website?

Although we have a main BCA Alumni website at: bcts/bca/alumni  this location will allow those of use interested in this magazine to reflect on current needs for in production issues as well as upcoming issues. There is no doubt that many questions will be generated along the journey and this site will allow us to share with newcomers by reference to this location's Frequently Asked Questions subsite.

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