Trimester 1 requests are now open for the 2018-2019 school year. Mr. Lemma will send out school-wide emails with updates. So, continue to check your email for updates.


Concert Band- Large ensemble of woodwind, brass, percussion instruments and string bass. Concert. Concert Band only runs trimesters 1 and 3.

Jazz Band- students in this jazz combo (not a big band) perform music in all jazz styles. In addition to the main stage concerts, the band performs at a jazz club, PPO Picnic and other BCA events. Jazz Band is a full year course- students must take it all year.

Orchestra- Orchestra is a large ensemble of bowed strings, and some wind/percussion instruments. We usually have one work for strings only, and 1 or 2 other works for full orchestra. One of the featured works tri. 1 will be a holiday song with a video of orchestra members holding sign boards of holiday/seasonal wishes... so be prepared to be in a video. We are also looking for 2 students to create the video (you'll see that option on the sign up page). Orchestra only runs trimesters 1 and 3.

Guitar & Mandolin Orchestra (G&MO)-  A full, conducted orchestra of plucked strings: mandolin, mandola, guitar, mandocello, bass guitar. Students who perform on bowed stringed instruments  (violin, viola, cello, bass) are most welcome to join. Students should join all year: Tri. 1=Autumn Concert. Tri. 2=sight reading, techniques and prep for Tri. 3 (All-State and Spring concerts).

Optical Theremin- Students build and take home an optical Theremin, a musical device that responds to light intensity to change pitch. We will also build a junior/mini Theremin, just for fun! No soldering skills required. Materials fee of $20 and class limit of 8.

NEW: Digital Recording Lab. A small group of students will explore recording techniques including microphones, mic placement, recording and editing skills using Pro Tools software.

Musicians Workshop. This trimester, students will build a an electric guitar similar to the one on this link. The small team of students will select a color a create a custom finish, assemble and "set up" the instrument. Students will also auction off BCA's older (student built) instruments at the Autumn Concert.

Guitar 1. This course starts from the very beginning. Students learn chords/notes in first position, reading notation, reading tabs and ensemble skills. This course is ONLY OFFERED TRIMESTER 1.

Percussion Ensemble- two options. If we get 4 or 8 people, we will perform a work in complete darkness with lighters: click here for a performance. If we end up with an odd number of students, we will perform a traditional work for percussion ensemble (drums, mallets, cymbals, etc). Each of BCA's 6 ensembles run only one trimester per year.

Handbell Ensemble- Small ensemble (maximum 10) of hand bell ringers, runs one hour a week at some point during the day.

String Ensemble/Quartet- this ensemble is either a string quartet or piano trio/quartet. Each of BCA's 6 ensembles run only one trimester per year.

Flute Ensemble- chamber ensemble of 4 - 8 flutes and piccolo. Each of BCA's 6 ensembles run only one trimester per year.

Saxophone Ensemble- chamber ensemble of 4 saxophones including soprano, alto, tenor and baritone. Each of BCA's 6 ensembles run only one trimester per year.

Other Ensembles will be offered trimesters 2 and 3. If any of the above ensembles does not run tri. 1 it will be offered again the following trimester.

Courses below will be offered trimester 2 or 3


Mixed Wind Ensemble- various wind instruments that comprise a traditional wind quintet: flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, bassoon. Each of BCA's 6 ensembles run only one trimester per year. OFFERED TRIMESTER 2 or 3.

Clarinet Ensemble- chamber ensemble of 4 - 8 clarinets and bass clarinet. Each of BCA's 6 ensembles run only one trimester per year. OFFERED TRIMESTER 2 or 3.

Bergen Arts Ensemble- for this trimester we're looking at music by Raymond Scott. Some of you might know the 2 themes in his song "Powerhouse" often associated with older Looney Tunes cartoons. The music is quite challenging, so you will need a higher audition score to qualify for this ensemble. We will also need someone to create a video that goes along with the music, so look at at that as an option. Each of BCA's 6 ensembles run only one trimester per year. OFFERED TRIMESTER 2 or 3.

Ukulele Class- have a ukulele but need to learn how to play chords and read notes? In this one trimester beginning class students will learn the basics, while having fun performing for each other. 

Guitar 2. Picks up where Guitar 1 left off. Covers power chords, barre chords, harmonics, and improvisation. Students make their own guitar picks. ONLY OFFERED TRIMESTER 2.

Guitar 3- Picks up where Guitar 3 left off. Students explore fingerstyle, composition, music theory, and a unit on bass guitar. ONLY OFFERED TRIMESTER 3.

Brass Ensemble- typically a quintet of 2 trumpets, French horn, trombone and tuba.

Each of BCA's 6 ensembles run only one trimester per year.

Pit Orchestra- This is the orchestra that accompanies the musical. It meets 4x a week trimester 2 (last 3 mods Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri). Check schedule carefully for dates- details of all mandatory after-school rehearsals/performances are on the link for the course request.


Music Course Registration is Easy

1. Click on the link to complete the request (you will need your schedule).

2. Every effort is made to find common time where students are available to comprise a course- except for Concert Band, Orchestra, and Pit Orchestra-  which always meet the last 3 mods.

3. Seats are filled based on schedule availability and audition score.

4. After the music registration period ends, class rosters will be emailed and posted outside the music room.

Registration Tips

1. You may indicate a preference  between two or more different courses by placing a number after your name: 1 for first choice, 2 for second choice, etc. 

2.  If you need to change any info, please email: