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             Currently New Jersey has no state song.  Attempts have been made sporadically since 1956.  In 1972 Red Muscara’s “I’m From New Jersey” made it all the way to Gov. Cahil’s desk, but Cahil refused sign the bill into effect.

             In 1996 the NJ State Council on the Arts held a competition and my piece “New Jersey, My home” was declared theNJCOA’s top choice; it is the only composition given the approval by the NJCOA.

             The State Song issue has been at an impasse ever since, with at least four songs contending for the honor. But in 1998 I suggested to Senators Baer and Cardinale that a bill be drafted that would give each of the four major contenders a designation.  Thus it was that S1865/A2547 was born, which would designate a State Anthem, State Popular Song, and State Children's Song, and State Ballad, with my piece designated as the State Anthem. 

  Please write your Senator and Assemblyman and encourage them to vote favorable for the most equitable solution yet proposed.


the composer today
Winning the state song contest, 1996 

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