Map Exercise

In this exercise you will explore the key geographic and political features of Ancient Greece and the Roman.


How it will work:

 Each student or Student Group will be given two maps (one of Ancient Greece and one of the Roman Republic), as well as a list of key geographic features and political features for each region.

 Using the following links, locate the noted political and geographic features on each map

 Ancient Greece

 Greece Map 1

 Greece Map 2

 Greece Map 3

 Greece Map 4

 Greece Map 5

 Ancient Roman Republic

 Roman Republic Map 1

 Roman Republic Map 2

 Roman Republic Map 3



 After completing the maps, answer the following questions:

1. What natural/geographic advantages did the city of Rome have?

2. How was Rome's geography different from that of Greece?  How was it similar?

3. Why do you think that the Romans could unify their peninsula and the Greeks could not?

Greek and Roman Geography