Greek and Roman Land Use

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The ancient Greeks and Romans, like every civilization, used their environment's natural resources to develop their societies. This lesson will help us differentiate between the two civilizations' practices of land and natural resource use and assess the extent to which the Romans adopted Greek practices. To accomplish this, you will research Greek and Roman land use and use a graphic organizer to illustrate Greek and Roman land use practices.


How it will work:

· You and your group will conduct research to investigate how the Greeks and Romans used their natural resources and altered the landscape to build houses, make clothing, get food, make tools, and obtain water.

· Be sure to focus on how the Greeks and Romans used and changed the environment.

· For example, consider agriculture and aqueducts, rather than factors of daily life unrelated to land use such as fashion.

· Use the Following links to Complete your research:

· Greece:
Ancient Greek World
PBS: The Greeks—Crucible of Civilization
Greek culture

· Rome:
Emory University: (Ancient) Rome—Daily Life
Daily Roman Life

· Greece and Rome:
Dr. Dig: Questions About Greece and Rome
The History of Plumbing –Roman and English Legacy (also contains some information about Greek plumbing and baths)


· You will then use your findings to fill in the attached charts.



This assignment will be graded based on your quality of research and analysis, as well as you neatness in presentation.



Greek and Roman Geography